Tele Expertise

Providing Tele-appraisals of Today’s Increasingly High-tech Vehicles

Our customers rely on the neutral expert knowledge of DEKRA specialists for all questions relating to vehicle inspections, expert reports and appraisals.

Our tele expertise enables us to provide flexible tele-appraisals and support and propose the best online appraisals and support platforms on behalf of our customers.

About Tele Expertise

DEKRA is Europe’s #1 for tele-appraisals of today’s increasingly high-tech vehicles. When damage occurs, our customers rely on the specialist knowledge of DEKRA’s neutral and knowledgeable experts to assess the extent and pinpoint the cause of damage.
In addition to our on-site appraisals and physical inspections, our experts offer our experts offer video- and photo-based tele-services and a range of completely automated algorithm-based solutions. With all services settled according to national traffic and liability laws or based on insurance policy conditions.
DEKRA’s skilled specialists can address the toughest technical challenges, gathering all the information and evidence required for an insurance claim. The tele-appraisals for automotive claims done by our experts are mainly related to insurance companies.
Whether it is a car damage or a harvester damage claim, DEKRA’s range of vehicle appraisals services are comprehensive; marketable and process suited. They contain comprehensive pictorial documentation and a detailed description of the damage; inform about any pre-existing damages, plausibility, the actual loss and overall condition of the vehicle.
Our video- and photo-based tele-appraisals are a standard product for all types of vehicle damage. They are prepared for both liability and comprehensive insurance damage. DEKRA’s experts amass all the data required for the preservation of evidence and the establishment of a basis for the settlement of damage, founded on the respective private liability, liability or comprehensive insurance conditions or policies.