Automotive Cyber Security Management System Audit

Systematic and holistic management of processes and methods in terms of cyber secured automotive requirements

Autonomous driving, connected cars, electric vehicles and shared mobility rely on smart digitization and IT systems as well as software code and updates to function properly. An effective cyber security management system supports lifecycle protection against functional interference and data breaches.

The benefits you get:

  • Minimal risk through a CSMS consistent with both UNECE as well as ISO/SAE (FDIS) 21434
  • Reliable preparation for CSMS certification and type approval to reduce time-to-market
  • Increases the trust of your business partners in your cyber security management system processes
Automotive cyber security management system (CSMS) audit measures optimal effectiveness and regulatory compatibility as part of your product quality assurance.

Our experts help you:

  • Measure the performance of your CSMS across innovative automotive sectors
  • Recognize weak spots, gaps and areas for improvement
  • Apply UNECE Cyber Security Regulation and ISO/SAE 21434 (FDIS) standard requirements
  • Develop, implement and maintain an effective CSMS to ensure quality products and services
  • Demonstrate your commitment to customer security
We provide a wide range of services for the automotive industry, working across vehicle sectors in diverse markets and circumstances according to relevant regulations and standards.


  • DEKRA auditors help ensure your understanding of standards regulating CSMS requirements
  • As a single-source provider, we save you time and money with flexible, tailored services
  • We conduct third-party inspection for transparent assessment trusted around the world