DEKRA‘s i2i Remote Inspection Tool

The Expert in the App

The corona crisis in which the world currently finds itself motivates us even more to think about the safety of our people, our customers and your customers. We want to make an important contribution to the development of methodologies, that guarantee the continuity of our services as much as possible and reduce the risk of the virus spreading. For this reason, we are minimizing personal contacts while continuing to provide our services.

Our video expertise tool i2i helps us to do so. With this application we can easily make visual contact with your client and from any location, safely and responsibly according to GDPR requirements, assess and arrange claims? Of course, as long as this is possible and under strict conditions, we will continue to carry out physical assessments if you wish for.
In January 2020 we updated the DEKRA i2i tool to a new and improved environment, which is allowing a number of new features and functionalities.
Everyone within DEKRA, whether they work from home or under the best possible conditions at their workplace, makes every effort to overcome this crisis together with you!


  • Secure and encrypted lines
  • Newest WebRTC technology
  • GPS location check
  • Hosted on local servers
  • Fully customizable in branding, invitation messages and language

Video calling – for a true impression of damage and losses

i2i resembles other well knows video tools, which are used by many people today. However, there are significant differences: the system has a more stable and secure connection, starts with a few clicks of the mouse and can be used at any location and on any device. It also provides a great number of tools, services and possibilities.

Some Features

  • Browser based solution
  • Secured and encrypted lines
  • Quick links calling
  • Call scheduling and visual and audio file management
  • i2i works with an operator skin, including waiting rooms
  • Fully customizable solution with rest API
  • The bandwidth is checked and adjusted every few seconds
  • GEO location check
  • Option to record „conversations“
  • Highest level of security

  • Works without complicated login procedures
  • HD video quality
  • Works on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi
  • Every network is usable
  • A proven track record is available
  • Hosted on local servers
  • Two way screen sharing
  • Different languages available
  • Customized URL management etc.