Failure Investigations and Analyses

Investigations and Analyses of Failing Assets and Materials

Assets and materials can experience unexpected failures that cost businesses due to repair, replacement or the unplanned downtime of installing new components. Nearly a third (30%) of component failures have a repetitive character and can lead to unsafe situations for industrial environment and people. In situations where the cause of failure is unclear a root cause assessment is required to understand the unexpected problem and prevent reoccurrence.
DEKRA’s experts have various tools and processes to understand and investigate failures. We can verify the observations in our in-house laboratories which offer optical and electron microscopy, mechanical testing and chemical analysis. Investigations can be complemented with non-destructive testing together with simulating and modelling the actual event.

About Failure Investigations and Analyses

In the event of damage to vehicle components, components, machines or structures, we conduct Failure Investigations using comprehensive material analyzes. In this way, we help to reliably identify the causes of damage, prevent future production downtimes through damage prevention and increase user safety. In DEKRA, we use a full range of accredited testing services and expertise to determine the extent and cause of the damage.
If necessary, our experts will be happy assist you on site to enable safe cutting and transport of evidence for laboratory studies. Use our many years of experience and our extensive expertise in material science issues in:
  • Component and material damage to machines and systems
  • Building damage and fire damage
  • Registration of the damage situation on site
  • Ensuring the damaged parts and professional sampling
  • Laboratory examination of the damaged parts
  • Photo documentation, macroscopic and microscopic examinations as well as high-resolution images with SEM and microanalysis with EDS
  • Evidence report