Traffic Monitoring Investigation

Expert Opinions on Monitoring Measures of Traffic Speed and Distance

Traffic monitoring technologies can play an important role when assessing information surrounding the events contributing to responsibility for car accidents. DEKRA specialists carefully evaluate photographic or video materials to ensure monitoring methods and technologies have produced reliable evidence erasing any doubt of liability claims.

About Traffic Monitoring Investigation

DEKRA’s traffic monitoring investigation specialists offer expert opinions on speed and distance monitoring measures at traffic lights. This is an essential service in those situations where there are doubts around which vehicle was detected during a speed or distance measurement, or doubts around whether the measurement in question was carried out correctly.
Our experts closely evaluate photographic or video evidence to offer clarification on whether there are any reasons to question any accusations made. These investigations usually focus on the following questions:
  • Is a traffic monitoring method suitable and accurate?
  • Has the traffic monitoring measure produced a correct measurement result, even taking into account its correct application?
  • Are there any indications of deviations in the actual measurement?
Our experts collect as much information as possible: about the measuring device, the place of measurement, the vehicle of the client, the time of day and more. By evaluating these connecting facts, the expert determines whether there are indications of irregularities in the measurement process or in the evaluation of the data.