Non-Periodical Inspections

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: Non-Periodic Inspections for Ventilation Systems

At DEKRA, we prioritize safety and efficiency through our non-periodic inspections of ventilation systems, ensuring their optimal performance. Our services go beyond routine checks, providing a comprehensive assessment of hygiene, thermal, and security conditions to create a safe indoor environment.

About Non-Periodic Inspections

Our non-periodic inspections encompass a variety of checks and assessments:
  • Non-Regulatory Checks of Ventilation Flows: Thorough examination of ventilation flows in installations, going beyond regulatory requirements.
  • Hygiene Conditions Control: Sampling with contact agar and bio collector for germ detection, ensuring cleanliness and safety.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection Inspection: Inspection of carbon monoxide detection systems for safety and functionality control.
  • Energetic Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems: Evaluation of air conditioning components' efficiency and verification of system sizing in relation to the cooling demand of the building.

Non-Periodic Full Technical Inspection of Ventilation

Our comprehensive inspections extend to:
  • Verification of Premises Ventilation Systems: Ensuring the optimal performance of ventilation systems within premises through non-periodic checks.
  • Verification of Extraction Systems in Industries: Non-periodic verification of extraction systems, especially those of the collection arm type in industrial settings.
  • Adjustment Support for Collection Arm Type Extraction Systems: Supporting adjustments in collection arm type extraction systems through non-periodic verifications.
  • Flow Rate Adjustments for Ventilation Systems: Non-periodic verification of ventilation systems within premises to adjust flow rates for enhanced efficiency.
Trust DEKRA for non-periodic inspections that go beyond routine checks, prioritizing safety, hygiene, and efficiency.
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