Aftersales Service Performance Improvement

Optimize your after sales management with our specialized services and training programs

Increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency in after sales requires an interplay of social competence and attention to economic factors. With a strong organizational structure, optimal work processes and well-trained employees, service providers can meet customer expectations while maintaining profitable operations.

Organizations that manage to address challenges successfully enjoy close and sustainable customer relationships, as well as the chance to generate improved profitability from after sales.
Balancing all the demands facing automotive after sales programs is no easy feat but can be achieved by:
  • Ensuring customer loyalty, especially after the warranty period expires
  • Interacting with customers through their preferred contact methods
  • Sensitizing service staff to current customer expectations
  • Optimizing processes for peak efficiency
  • Accessing the full potential of existing services and spare parts management
  • Eliminating repeat repairs
  • Improving the overall quality of services and workmanship
  • Improving conversion of Red and Amber work to boost profitability

Your benefits:

  • A structured approach to improvement with methods and tools for network dealers
  • Solid, reliable and profitable after sales revenue
  • Well-founded and lasting customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • A committed, capable team

Our approach:

We deliver solutions that work by treating the causes, not the symptoms, of after sales issues. This means working closely with you to conduct comprehensive analyses that takes into consideration all the areas that influence automotive after-sales performance.
Our after sales analyses are both qualitative (process) and quantitative (KPIs), focusing on the regional market and market exploitation, internal and external communication, the use of existing systems and existing CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) evaluations. Based on the results, we develop a detailed, individualized plan to improve qualitative indicators and identify KPI targets.
We provide employee coaching and implementation support through our Advanced Blended Coaching (ABC) solutions to ensure the measures identified in the action plan take effect. ABC solutions encompass a variety of methods applied individually according to the needs of each team member so that they stay engaged and hone the specific skills they need to develop.
Working with employees on site and listening to their feedback leads to evolving solutions designed for the greatest benefit to the organization and its circumstances. In our final report, we outline the program’s achievements and chart a course forward.
We maximize after sales revenue and improve customer loyalty by focusing on customer care approaches and packages.


  • We offer experienced practitioners certified according to ISO 17024.
  • We have extensive experience and expertise in after sales management gained from numerous projects with dealer networks and independent service companies in the automotive industry.
  • We specialize in active coaching, encouraging employees to engage in self-development.
  • We actively support implementation of new measures according to change management methods.
Case Study: The Optimal Combination of Technology and Expertise Put to Work
A major automotive brand was seeking to improve performance and address three key areas - aftersales (through the Dealer Aftersales Coaching progrma); adherence to company standards throughout the network (through Customer Touchpoint - CTP - audits); and used car sales. In all three cases, customer experience is a major focus.