Aftersales retention

Improve sales on spare parts, profitability and loyalty with the support of a coaching deployment program.

Aftersales analyse
Aftersales retention

Why do Aftersales retention exist?

Loyalty is on the top during the first years of warranty. Afterwards loyalty drops precisely when and customer expenses starts getting more important up to 3 years. The customer retention becomes difficult after 3 years (warranty period).
Ensure the quality link to our customer standards, oriented on 3 challenges:

  • Parts sales performance
  • Customer Satisfaction Performance
  • Networks profitability

Your benefits:

  • Bring a structured approach to the manufactures with methods and tools to their network’s dealers
  • Develop the business of vehicles between 3 and 8 years old
  • Improve loyalty

Our services cover:

  • Aftersales analyse: qualitative (process) and quantitative (KPI’s)
  • Define an action plan to improve the qualitative indicator
  • Define KPI target
  • Coach the staff regarding the action plan defined
  • Animate the KPI’s evolution
  • Present a final report with objectives achieved


  • Certified ISO 17024 coaches
  • We provide expertise on aftersales
  • We give an active coaching to stimulate the coaches to take over their own development.
  • We bring methodology on customer retention

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