Charging Infrastructure
Charging Infrastructure

Charging Infrastructure: Championing Electric Mobility

Ensuring Electric Car Charging Stations’ Performance, Safety, and Compatibility with Electric Vehicles

In a world that embraces electric vehicles, the demand for dependable charging solutions has never been more pressing. The performance and safety of charging infrastructure are at the forefront of this progression.

At DEKRA, our experts are dedicated to partnering with you to navigate the sophisticated landscape of regulations and standards. We ensure that your electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) meets every requirement, both in terms of safety and performance.
Safety management is a cornerstone of our approach. Our EV charging station infrastructure inspections span project specifications, electrical installations, and ongoing functional assessments, leaving no stone unturned. Furthermore, cybersecurity is taking on an increasingly essential role in a future of constant connectivity.
From the very beginning, we recognize that testing and certification are essential for a seamless charging experience. DEKRA offers comprehensive end-to-end testing and certification services for all types of EVSE, be it for home or industrial charging solutions.
We’re bring forward the future of mobility, where reliable charging solutions are not just a necessity, but a promise. Join us on the journey to electrify the world.
We create a seamless charging experience with testing and certification.