Customer experience

Optimize the customer experience in the distribution network. Develop the customer experience program and implement it at dealership level through coaching and training programs.

Enhance the customer experience
Customer Experience

Why does Customer experience exist?

Car manufactures want to place customers at the heart of the selling process.
A change in customer experience should address offline and online processes and include all customer-facing staff.
An external and experienced view is necessary to accompany the change.

Your benefits:

  • Drive collective consensus to improve the customer experience
  • Sustainable cultural change
  • Develop a “customer-centric” culture
  • Positive impact on staff morale, staff engagement, inter-departmental relationships
  • Improve dealership satisfaction ratings, measured by customer surveys
  • Enhance the customer experience in Sales and Aftersales
  • Enhance the customers’ intention to repurchase and recommend the dealership and the car manufacturer

Our services cover:

  • Deep dive diagnostic for each dealer: Cultural survey, personal profile, physical environment, on-line and front line reviews, documentation, systems
  • Analysis, feedback and a SMART action plan proposal
  • Best practice guide and tool box available for dealer staff
  • Implementation of a collective bespoke plan with in-dealer coaching and virtual coaching supported by a suite of software tools.
  • Continual improvement and monitoring


DEKRA will:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction and develop a sustainable relationship between the customer, the dealer and the car manufacturer.
  • Understand the evolving customer behaviours
  • Understand manufacturer and distributor issues
  • Give expertise in changing behaviours and culture within a business
  • Understand people development and behaviours
  • Provide team with skills, knowledge, behaviours and competencies
  • Provide a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools

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