Customer Experience Improvement

Exceed customer expectations with targeted development of your sales network

The automotive sector is facing unprecedented challenges, but sales don’t have to suffer if companies place customer satisfaction and experience at the heart of the process. Transitioning to this new focus must involve a realignment of both offline and online processes and include all customer-facing staff.

Automotive sales are undergoing tectonic shifts on many fronts, including customer interactions. Social media, digitization and a range of new technologies are disrupting the traditional ways automobiles were bought and sold.
The insight and support of an experienced external partner can help ensure that your sales staff incorporates new sales channels and an emphasis on customer experiences seamlessly and effectively into their processes. As specialists in the automotive sector, we have our fingers on the pulse of industry markets and trends as well as the tools and expertise to help your team meet the moment.

Your benefits:

  • A customer-oriented culture that prioritizes customer experience
  • Motivated employees committed to meeting customer expectations
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty in sales and after sales
  • A strong customer-service reputation supported by customer-generated recommendations

Our services cover:

Our experts carry out a comprehensive, deep-dive analysis for dealers in the automotive sector. This includes cultural surveys, the creation of personal profiles, workplace environment analyses, online and field evaluations and documentation. Based on the results, we propose a SMART action plan and conduct bespoke in-house trainings to sensitize employees to the customer experience. In addition, staff receive a best practice guide and toolbox to help meet or even exceed customer expectations. Coaching, software tools and a continual improvement and monitoring plan are some of the ways we help you achieve unshakeable customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • We have long been a prominent partner to the automotive industry and know the sector and its challenges intimately.
  • We are experts in optimizing corporate culture, able to provide both insightful analysis and engaging instruction.
  • We specialize in science-based solutions for improving customer satisfaction and cultivating sustainable customer relationships.