Optimizing Return on Investment (ROI) in Automotive Coaching

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A revolution is underway in how automobiles are bought and sold. Markets are being transformed, and digitalization is a major factor in changing consumer behaviors. In addition, younger car buyers are decidedly unlike previous generation.

In order to remain competitive, automotive brands and car dealerships must adapt to the changing landscape and are often turning to external expertise to make the transition from a business dominated by end-to-end in-person sales to one characterized by technology, variety and an increasing demand for customized buyer experiences.
Traditional coaching models rely primarily on the on-site presence of coaching staff, which entails considerable costs, including potential travel, lodging and meal expenses in addition to time on task.
Thanks to advancing technology, coaching has become more affordable and its benefits more tangible, with a greater potential Return on Investment (ROI). New tools, such as geomarketing and sophisticated sales, stock and marketing data analysis, allow for the design of truly customized coaching programs that focus attention where it is most needed, thus eliminating unnecessary effort and optimizing ROI.
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