Automated and Connected Driving

Testing Expertise for the Mobility Technologies of Tomorrow

automated connected driving

Due to the rapid progress of automated and connected driving technologies, the availability of specialized test facilities and extensive simulation capacities is more important than ever before.

Our expertise in vehicle testing and our comprehensive test and research facilities for connectivity technologies are the ideal basis for assuming a leading role in establishing test protocols and promoting standardization in the industry as a proactive partner of OEMs and suppliers.

As an answer to the complex requirements of OEMs and suppliers, DEKRA has developed a unique strategy: the objective is to use the expertise of our test site in Germany and our specialized test laboratory in Spain to provide a fully integrated test environment. This test environment is to meet the requirements of the innovations that will constantly change our future manner of living as well as our travel behavior.

Cooperation is the Key

The core of our integrated approach consists of knowledge exchange between these two centers. The extensive complex at our German location in Klettwitz is aligned toward function tests, classic driving tests, driving instruction, as well as events, training, and motorsports.

On the other hand, at our location in Malaga, Spain, we concentrate on highly modern laboratory tests and the complex modeling of scenarios for production on a smaller scale. The knowledge acquired here under laboratory conditions is then transferred to test projects in Klettwitz. By combining their entire range of services and expertise, together the two locations form a comprehensive test facility for all aspects of automated and connected driving.

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