Safety Expert on Site

On-site support for safety issues delivered economically and reliably

The presence of a knowledgeable and certified (where applicable) safety officer on location to manage, coordinate and make recommendations on safety-related topics reduces the risk of incidents and ensures regulatory compliance. An external specialist can be the right option if your needs are very specific or limited to a well-defined period of time or project segment. A temporary consultant may also be a wiser investment than a full-time employee, providing flexibility, objectivity and cost-effectiveness.

Our safety experts work on site to serve as trusted advisors in the area of health and safety in your company. These experienced professionals have strong backgrounds in industry and can be matched with the specific credentials your project requires. We customize our services to meet your needs, whether you require support in managing day-to-day health and safety activities, to supplement your team in the short or long term or to coordinate with authorities and auditors.

Your Benefits

  • Access to just the right safety expertise for your organization, site or project
  • An economical, flexible solution to meet your health and safety needs
  • Incident reduction, safety compliance and objective advice

Our Approach

Our goal is to provide precisely the services you need, which means close cooperation in defining the skills, qualifications, experience and capabilities you require in an external safety expert. You determine as well the scope of the on-site specialist’s responsibilities and tenure.
Our experts fulfil the national legal requirements on qualification / certification (where applicable).
For example, our safety consultants can:
  • Plan, implement, coordinate and supervise site-specific safety programs according to your policies and procedures.
  • Serve as the most senior manager on-site for safety matters.
  • Assist with hazard detection and recommend corrective measures (risk assessments).
  • Oversee implementation of safety measures.
  • Coordinate with medical experts, environmental or compliance officers and conduct relevant safety walks and meetings.
  • Compile and maintain required documentation related to HSE.


  • We are respected internationally for our safety expertise.
  • We have an exceptionally diverse and experienced staff of safety experts.
  • We specialize in providing customized, reliable safety solutions.