Work Safety Training and Coaching

A healthier, safer and informed workforce and management

An educated, well-informed workforce and management who know how to act and lead safely and effectively contribute to the overall health and safety of your organization and create reliable processes. Your company may be legally required to provide occupational safety training to employees, or you may find that regular coaching sessions for line managers on relevant topics lead to better performance, fewer incidents and reduced liability.

DEKRA Consulting goes beyond legal requirements and help you to create a working interface that promotes a safety culture and effective leadership. Whatever your motivation, we have a solution to help you meet your goals. Our consultants advise you on planning a suitable schedule, selecting appropriate topics, choosing between training and coaching or a combination of the two and deciding whether our web-based solutions or in-person options make the most sense. We offer expert induction services as well, which are an effective way of introducing new employees to your organization or strategically reinforcing your safety message.

Your Benefits

  • A motivated, well-informed workforce
  • Effective leaders creating a safety culture
  • Convenient coaching options
  • Access to health and safety expertise from an industry leader
  • Compliance with relevant legal requirements
  • Reduced liability

Our Approach

We take a client-centered approach in the delivery of all our services, and workplace health and safety coaching and training is no exception. If your organization is subject to specific legal requirements regarding occupational safety or your industry or clients require a specific safety culture, our consultants are well-informed and experienced regarding the right frequency, mode and content.
Expert inductions, required by law in some countries, are an effective way to ensure that newcomers to your team are fully aware of the expectations and requirements around safety that your organization has put in place. These sessions are also appropriate for those assuming new duties or following changes to processes and procedures. We have also supported companies who have experienced a safety incident or near miss by offering our expert induction services.
You may also choose to develop your overall workforce as a means of minimizing the risks associated with your particular industry, e.g. through increased risk awareness, prevention of serious injuries and increased motivation and performance through safety culture in your team. Whatever the case, our comprehensive portfolio includes topics relevant to workshops, manufacturers, the aviation, health or logistics industries, service providers and more. You can choose face-to-face sessions, train-the-trainer, education of in-house consultants, web-based solutions or a combination.


  • We are trusted advisors and experts to leaders in a range of industries.
  • We have innovative solutions for workplace safety training that suit your needs.
  • We specialize in delivering customized training and coaching in occupational health and safety.