Workplace Safety Consultancy

Expert advice to optimize safety in the workplace

Your company’s performance in a competitive marketplace hinges on a fit, motivated workforce. But an array of factors contributes to health and safety in the workplace, from employee behaviors to equipment and facilities to processes and workflows.

Understanding your organization’s priorities around health and safety, implementing the right policies and practices and investing wisely in employee well-being can be complex challenges.
Our workplace safety consultants are equipped with the tools, experience and know-how to help you formulate effective health and safety management plans and adopt measures that yield positive results.
We work closely with companies of all sizes and generate solutions custom made to respond to their specific requirements.

Your Benefits

  • Access to expert advice and cutting edge methods and technologies
  • Customized solutions created in tandem with your team
  • A safer workplace, a healthier workforce and optimal performance

Our Approach

Because so many factors affect occupational health and safety, and because each sector and organization has particular challenges, our consultants must be knowledgeable and qualified in a number of areas. We value this versatility in our staff as well as their dedication to finding just the right solutions for each client.
In short, our consultancy engages with an extensive range of topics. Generally speaking, our experts provide support in specific high-hazard contexts, such as work environments, facilities, jobs and fields that involve unusual or special risks. When an organization in any field undergoes major changes, like those related to demographic shifts or modifications to their core business or location, we help make transitions smoother. We suggest changes in processes or the environment to reduce health risks and propose ways of improving the company’s health management system. In addition, we offer advice regarding protective gear, the arrangement of work stations and equipment, plans and methodologies for formulating protocols and incentivizing safe behavior.
These are only a few of the many areas we address when consulting on health and safety. In each case we seek to integrate solutions into the organization’s existing structures whenever possible, so that health and safety initiatives are not viewed as separate from, but rather vital to the company’s performance.


  • We are a versatile team of health and safety experts.
  • We have a comprehensive portfolio of topics and services to offer.
  • We specialize in optimizing all aspects of an organizations health and safety system.