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Formulating a safety strategy with our safety consulting experts - DEKRA

Develop a Safety Strategy and Improve your Safety Performance

Creating a healthy, safe workplace is a priority for organizations that know health and safety go hand-in-hand with efficiency, productivity and a motivated workforce. Our safety consulting services can bring a fresh perspective on safety to your organization. Whether you are revamping your safety strategy or formulating a safety mission statement from scratch, we work closely with staff at all levels to help you move in a sustainable, success-oriented direction. For those who experienced a significant near miss or recovering from a hazardous incident, a third-party investigation and impartial input on improving safety measures and processes is crucial.

It often takes fresh eyes looking at a situation to find the best solution, which is why working with an external consultant can be so valuable in your search for a safety strategy tailored to your business. Certainly, this is what we have taken away from the results of the services we have developed from BAPP (Behavioral Accident Prevention Process) to serious injuries and fatalities intervention and beyond.

Safety Consulting – Our Steps to an Excellent Safety Culture

With years of experience, we know that there is no standard formula for safety. Our experts are committed to developing the right safety strategy for your business and offer bespoke solutions to whatever your needs are.

Safety Consulting – DEKRA

Assessment + Diagnostics

We begin by gathering data to assess the status quo. This means running diagnostics using qualitative and quantitative assessment methods that identify the company’s strengths and areas of resilience. These can be harnessed to move the organization in the direction of optimal safety. In this phase we offer several programmes to fit your organizational assessment needs, like the Culture of Care Diagnostic® or the Organizational Culture Diagnostic Instrument (OCDI).


The consulting phase is where we chart a safety strategy together as a result of a safety roadmap to reach your goals. This involves clarifying the behaviors required for safe outcomes and establishing a roadmap of concrete actions that lead to the results you want and need. If there’s been an incident that needs investigating, our consultants are equipped to analyze the causes and arrive at meaningful, effective solutions.


Our behavioral coaches remain on call during the implementation phase to help your organization fully assimilate new learning, skills, behaviors and habits.


The goal of our safety training is to educate the workforce in a way that engages them and to produce strong leaders, stabilizing and strengthening safety culture.

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