Industrial Hygiene Consulting

Workplace hygiene consulting for a healthy workforce

The workplace can be a hazardous environment for humans. Exposure to toxins, physical stressors, poor air quality, excessive noise, heat or cold are just a few general examples of situations that have an adverse impact on human health and may be present in both industrial and office settings.

Being aware of the dangers and taking steps to counteract or eliminate them is the most effective way to safeguard the health of your team and strengthen motivation and productivity.
Occupational hygiene protects the workforce and other people from chemical, biological and physical hazards. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) definition, occupational hygiene is the discipline of anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling health hazards in the working environment with the objectives of protecting workers' health and wellbeing and safeguarding the community at large.
With impartiality and expertise, our industrial hygiene consultants evaluate the environments where work takes place with an eye to all relevant factors that affect human health. We work closely with our clients in order to understand their particular challenges and to create customized solutions and a lasting commitment to employee well-being.

Your Benefits

  • Productive, protected and motivated employees
  • Compliance with occupational safety regulations
  • Reduced liability arising from unhealthy working conditions

Our Approach

Our industrial hygiene consultants are guided not only by a far-reaching grasp of the science and research behind workplace hygiene, but also by a commitment to finding an individual solution for each and every client. This willingness to remain flexible, to adjust to actual, rather than theoretical, conditions is the key to success when addressing industrial hygiene issues.
We support your efforts to ensure employee health and well-being in a variety of areas:
  • Respecting limits, statutory or otherwise, on factors such as noise, temperature, toxic substance concentrations, light intensity, etc.
  • Evaluating conditions that influence worker health including air, light and noise
  • Designing work spaces that promote good health
  • Optimizing existing protective measures and evaluating their efficacy
  • Occupational illness prevention
  • Analyzing and improving work processes, procedures and organization
  • Ergonomic consulting
  • Planning new construction or renovation as well as investments in new machinery or facilities


  • We are industrial hygiene consultants committed to promoting employee health.
  • We have cutting-edge tools, abundant resources and extensive experience in the field of industrial hygiene.
  • We specialize in designing innovative, customized solutions to industrial hygiene challenges.