Occupational Medical Advisory

Expert advice from occupational medicine consultants

Employee health is a basic prerequisite for sustainable, quality work and is essential to an organization’s overall performance. However, maintaining a work environment that enables your team to perform at its best can be a challenge. In addition, legal guidelines and statutes often apply to certain types of jobs or industries. A trusted advisor and impartial third-party expert can help you navigate the rules and recommendations that bring out the best in your employees.

With a wide range of services, we help you ensure sustainable and effective health care in your organization. Our specialists in occupational health are ready to evaluate the status-quo, making recommendations and identifying areas of potential non-compliance. We are here to answer your questions and provide support when it comes to occupational health and we are happy to customize workshops and seminars to suit your needs.

Your Benefits

  • Advice on a range of topics from a single, specialized source
  • Compliance with occupational health statutes
  • A workplace that meets your employees’ health needs and supports excellence
  • Effective and sustainable health promotion

Our Approach

With employee health as our focus, we provide tailored support in a range of areas related to occupational health, while keeping compliance in mind. We support you step by step depending on your individual needs: from first inspections and assessments of the current situation to goal-setting and subsequent implementation of necessary and suitable measures.
Our medical specialists are aware of the legal guidelines relating to care and provisions for those working under conditions that may adversely affect health. We assess the workplace and carry out required procedures and precautionary measures as necessary, making recommendations that will improve performance and keep you in compliance. We advise you and your workforce on topics such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management and other health-related issues that contribute to well-being.
Our specialists in occupational medicine show you how to reintegrate employees successfully when they return to work after a long period of incapacity or illness. We provide training and coaching in first aid, protection against infection and many other topics depending on your industry and your activities. If needed, we function as a bridge between your organization and other entities, providing you with answers on nearly any topic related to health in the workplace.


  • We are respected and impartial third-party experts in occupational health.
  • We have extensive experience providing sound advice to improve workplace well-being.
  • We offer expert advice from occupational medicine consultants.
  • We are passionate about health and safety.