Corporate Health Management

Corporate health management means both efficiency and well-being

As an employer, your most valuable asset is a motivated, capable staff, and ensuring their health and productivity means investing in their well-being. A customized corporate health management system is the most efficient, economical way to keep your workforce happy and healthy.

We can help you design and implement a corporate health management system that responds to the needs of your team. With the right system in place, not only does your company experience better performance, it also becomes more attractive to potential employees.

Your benefits

  • A motivated and productive staff
  • A reduction in employee absences
  • An overall improvement in performance across your organization
  • A competitive edge on the job market

Our approach

We work hand in glove with you to create the structures and processes that underpin an effective corporate health system, one that maintains and encourages occupational health efficiently and according to individual needs. Our consultants support you through the implementation of your health system, its integration within existing management systems and beyond.
Phase 1: Structure
  • Appoint an occupational health system coordinator
  • Form an occupational health panel including all relevant experts
  • Include occupational health issues among the concerns of company leadership
Phase 2: Analysis
  • Ascertain employee needs
  • Gather health-related data
  • Determine risks, liabilities and resources
  • Identify key figures for later assessments
Phase 3: Implementation
  • Identify areas of action
  • Identify measures to implement based on needs
  • Consider how interventions impact behavior and relationships
Phase 4: Evaluation
  • Define key figures
  • Assess measures taken
  • Create a reporting process to guide the system
  • Communicate results to team


  • Our network of consultants, health specialists and auditors provide expertise in management systems and occupational health and safety, all under one roof
  • We have the capacity to offer both comprehensive occupational health management consulting as well as complementary services
  • With a global reach and international experience, you can rely on us wherever you are