Occupational Safety Risk Assessment

Improving work safety management and preventing accidents at work

Knowing your risks is the first step to protecting your workforce and other individuals from unhealthy exposures and accidents. They also help you to identify and control risks that threaten the reliability and effectiveness of your processes. Work safety assessments conducted by a reliable third party can help you systematically identify and document existing risks and hazards arising from the particular activities in your organization.

Risk Assessment: DEKRA experts identify and evaluate risks and recommend adequate measures

Our occupational safety risk assessment and consulting services represent a practical instrument for your internal occupational health and safety management and aim to maintain, promote and improve employee health. Our occupational safety experts ensure that your risk assessment complies with the relevant regulations, putting you on secure legal footing in your interactions with authorities, professional associations and insurers.

We support you in optimizing your work safety management and accident prevention by delivering expert advice on health and safety issues. Our assessment considers activities, workflows and elements of workplace design and operation. The results of our assessment are then used to develop suitable occupational health and safety measures. Compliance with these measures must be reviewed regularly.

We address a broad range of topics:

  • Using work equipment
  • Handling hazardous substances & loads
  • Managing fire and explosion protection
  • Appointing a company doctor and occupational safety specialists
  • Regulating screen workstations
  • Regulating noise and vibrations
  • Regulating maternity protection
  • Regulating workplace ergonomics

The DEKRA experts for occupational safety are at your disposal for any or all of these activities, from consultation, risk assessment creation and evaluation to determining suitable protective measures and making adjustments and changes along the way. Whether you prefer your entire risk assessment carried out externally or are only looking for specific expert advice, we are the right partner for you.

Risk assessment at work by DEKRA Consulting
A range of occupational safety risk assessment services to promote safety and health

Your Benefits

  • Identify risks and threats
  • Find effective and efficient measures to protect from risks
  • Reduce the probability and severity of downtime
  • Fulfill legal requirements


  • We offer individual advice on occupational health and safety.
  • We have many years of practical experience across many industries.
  • We provide up-to-date specialist and industry knowledge.
  • We are your neutral partner, focusing on your goals.

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