Fleet sales

Optimize the fleet sales’ activity in the distribution network. Develop the fleet program and implement it at dealership level.

Fleet sales
Fleet sales

Car makers would like to support their networks in creating genuine fleet sales dynamics in compliance with their standards, professionalize and use new technologies, develop SME B2B sales and loyalty.

Your benefits

  • Generate additional new vehicle sales in the SME fleet market
  • Increase after sales and spare parts volumes
  • Support the network to participate in tenders
  • Prospect plan, data analysis, raise customer loyalty

Our services cover support for

  • Getting data analysis. Guideline implementation of a prospection plan
  • Defining geo-marketing rules, standards and methods to recommend
  • Providing guidelines, training and coaching
  • Organising sales person agendas, e-communication, social media
  • Preparing appointments, presentations and increasing loyalty
  • Preparing responses to calls for tender
  • Recruiting sales advisors
  • Tracking sales performance
  • Consulting, training and coaching


DEKRA will understand and adapt to manufacturer and dealer issues.

  • Provide field experience to professionalize the network.
  • Recruit and supervise the right profiles: experience of B2B sales, long-term leasing companies or service providers.
  • Be capable of demonstrating how to sell to companies and to help distributors to organize themselves in a sustainable way.
  • Have the capacity to organize targeted prospection. CRM support guidelines, tracking, targeting, geo-marketing

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