BPO Lead and Event Management Support

Loyal customers through lead management and event support

In an intensely competitive and dynamic market, it takes fresh thinking and refined methods to attract and retain customers. We provide forward-looking, expert support for lead management and event planning with a focus on building strong customer relationships from the start.

Pulling in new customers and inspiring their loyalty is what sustains automotive networks and dealerships. Our insight and expertise can guide you in refining your lead management processes as well as designing sales events that help you create a memorable customer experience while meeting your goals.
We help you take the lead, contacting potential customers early in the decision-making process through our lead centers, then passing on useful contacts to your sales advisors. We can support you in planning and carrying out sales events customized to meet your targets, increase foot traffic and boost B2C sales. Our experts show you how to integrate these important elements into your overall customer relationship management strategy.

Your benefits

  • Clearly structured on-line system for lead management
  • Timely follow-up, optimal lead processing and qualification of potential buyers
  • Sales growth and an expanded customer base
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty

Our approach

Building strong customer relationships starts early, with effective lead management, and includes strategies for increasing satisfaction and loyalty, such as special events. You can rely on our expertise in these areas when creating an exceptional customer journey.
Lead Management
We work with you to define your target group or groups clearly so that our lead center can initiate contact with promising potential buyers. Contacts are structured and highlight predefined topics likely to result in solid leads.
We also collect important information on prospective customers’ current vehicles and purchasing plans. This pre-qualified data is made available to you immediately through a dedicated online system displaying the current processing status of each pre-qualified lead. Your sales advisors then contact the potential customer promptly, address their needs and concerns and successfully close the sale. Our consultants actively support you with their expertise in establishing efficient lead management processes and converting leads into sales.
Event Management and Support
In order to deliver on its potential, an automotive event requires careful planning and customization. Our experts work closely with you to provide comprehensive private sales event services including:
  • Event design, from planning to execution
  • Point of Sales (POS) and marketing materials
  • Identification of segmentation criteria for your customer database
  • Appointment management and customer reception profiles, among others
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Training, coaching and briefing of all key stakeholders during and after the event


  • We are a team of consultants, telephone agents and automotive events experts with extensive industry experience.
  • We have a suite of customer relationship management services, including a lead center and event planners, aimed at optimizing the customer experience.
  • We specialize in effective, high-conversion lead management systems and in supporting our clients’ goals.