Business Management Coaching

Increase and optimize return on investment with our expertise

Effective business management is fundamental for the success of car dealerships. In times of declining margins, it is increasingly important to improve the performance and efficiency of operational departments and company financing.

Our experts help companies in the automotive sector succeed in the face of changing markets and tight margins. A thorough analysis of your organization provides the information necessary to develop customized interventions that ensure and even increase profitability with an eye to new opportunities and a substantial return on investment.

Your benefits:

  • An objective assessment of your organization and management
  • Improved car sales, parts turnover and dealership performance
  • Support in preparing bank meetings and in purchasing and selling companies
  • Consulting for budget and business planning
  • Securing and optimizing your business success
  • Active support in implementing planned measures and interventions

Our approach:

We know that automotive dealerships and service companies operate according to a complex business model that requires constant attention. With regular analysis and appropriate adjustments in individual business units, these organizations can thrive in a sector characterized by a high level of dependence on external factors.
When conducting assessments, our experts not only analyze the bare figures, but also take into account individual market conditions and developments, as well as external influences and internal company specifics. Based on our extensive experience and methodical approach, our consultants are able to carry out sound analyses quickly and in a target-oriented manner.
In order to support companies most effectively, we emphasize customization and align recommended measures and interventions with each organization’s goals and targets. We provide active support during the implementation phase as well to ensure our clients’ success.


  • We are experts in the automotive sector and know your business model.
  • We have many years of experience in business management with comprehensive know-how in the successful reorganization and restructuring of companies.
  • We specialize in practical, pragmatic solutions and customized support.