Business Management

Optimize the financial situation and the operative performance figures of automotive dealerships thanks to an expert analysis, an action plan and follow-up monitoring.

Business analysis of the performance
Business management

Why does Business management exists?

Car makers want to improve financial results and improve the results in sales & aftersales to ensure a level of profitability.
Dealers want to improve their organization and become more efficient.

Your benefits:

  • Diagnostic of the organization and management from an external company
  • Improve dealership performance
  • Increase the turnover for parts
  • Increase sales of new and used cars

Our services cover:

  • Analysing a dealer composite
  • Diagnosing economic and financial aspects as well as dealer trends
  • Formulating a diagnostic on critical issues for all business areas
  • Setting up an action plan to optimize results
  • Monitoring the achievement of target KPIs and fine-tuning


DEKRA will:

  • Be involved in the dealership providing very pragmatic support to the dealer
  • Bring knowledge of business management in the automotive industry
  • Provide an expert team

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