DEKRA Safety Platform

Enhanced HSE performance with the DEKRA Safety Platform

Gathering and using health and safety information effectively is key when it comes to protecting people, property and the environment as well as boosting productivity and efficiency. The best approaches combine new technologies, proven tools, trusted methodologies and data analytics expertise.

With many years of HSE experience and a forward-thinking vision, we are experts in helping clients understand and reduce exposure to reach their health and safety goals. Our new DEKRA Safety Platform (DSP) is at the forefront of digital HSE solutions. It is a cutting-edge ecosystem of tech-enabled solutions, providing a foundation for a wide range of applications.
The DEKRA Safety Platform is flexible, transforming existing functions into a digital format or creating new applications. It guides, streamlines, simplifies and accelerates on-site work, supporting a safer work environment and overall project success. Crucially, it enables organizations to collect and analyze important data, optimizing every aspect of HSE performance.

Your Benefits

  • Real-time monitoring to identify and mitigate risks as well as reduce exposure
  • Data-driven insights to support decision making and assess investments
  • A level of transparency unattainable with conventional forms of documentation
  • Sustainable change through consistent reinforcement and accountability
  • Lean processes and an enhanced Return on Investment (ROI)

Our Approach

We are shaping the future of HSE, expanding its possibilities and enabling better outcomes with a powerful combination of human expertise and our DEKRA Safety Platform (DSP) featuring our multilingual DEKRA GO app, a mobile and intuitive tool for integrating information on safety hazards, exposure identification, comments, observations and more. The DEKRA Safety Platform processes and analyzes this information to provide real-time insights for users, managers and experts on dynamic dashboards.
What is the DEKRA Safety Platform (DSP)?
The DSP is a flexible digital ecosystem using mobile and web applications, connectivity capabilities, a data hub, and dashboard reporting system in addition to various modules that support users according to their needs. The DEKRA Safety Platform promotes transparency and understanding around safety issues so that companies can quickly respond to urgent situations, make smart investments and plan and adjust their safety strategy wisely.
When paired with human expertise, the DEKRA Safety Platform helps organizations achieve HSE-related performance goals by managing and influencing activities, behaviors and exposure.
Workers receive detailed guidance on their day-to-day work and communicate with others on any topic within their organization. Workflows and action item management help them keep up to date with responsibilities and reports in a mobile, easy and convenient way.
The DEKRA Safety Platform also integrates processes and connects IoT sensors and devices, such as those utilized for PPE, equipment, environmental condition trackers and more.
Managers and safety experts have access to insights, trends and hotspot analyses enabling them to identify the right interventions for specific issues and exposures. DSP reports also provide predictive recommendations to enhance risk reduction and boost the organization’s overall productivity.
By connecting people, infrastructure, and equipment in real time, day-to-day work becomes much faster and more efficient. Using phones and tablets, users can tackle multiple jobs in one go, and multi-tenant systems mean that everyone, regardless of location, stays on-track and up-to-date.
The DEKRA GO app makes safety management simple
For peace of mind when it comes to safety, the DEKRA Go app connects your team, gathers and analyzes data, generates insights and supports your safety goals effortlessly. The result is reduced risk, sustainable improvements and streamlined processes whatever your organization’s size or sector.
Part of the DEKRA Safety Platform, DEKRA Go makes every aspect of safe operations simpler and more effective. The application helps you:
  • Reduce exposures
  • Improve safety performance
  • Minimize costs and maximize ROI
  • Increase efficiency
  • Streamline processes
  • Spend less time managing data
  • Maintain an overview and gain new insights

Digital safety solutions for next-generation HSE

To ensure that organizations are prepared to adopt and use technology effectively, DEKRA consultants also provide a wide range of services on topics including digital readiness, organizational and safety culture and leadership.
We design specific solutions by combining our experts’ skills and knowledge with an application and insights presented in a user-friendly dashboard format. Existing solutions include:
  • Construction site safety
  • Remote ergonomics
  • Organizational process safety
  • Serious injury and fatality reporting
  • Behavior-based safety


  • We are a team of professionals with extensive experience and proven HSE expertise.
  • We have a future-oriented vision, designing cutting edge tools and flexible technology solutions to meet client needs.
  • We specialize in combining our expertise with advanced technologies to create new HSE solutions and transform existing ones.