Let Digitalization Work for You: Optimizing Turnaround Safety

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Turnarounds are highly complex and involve special challenges that make them unlike other large-scale industrial projects. They demand extremely precise coordination and efficiency as well as substantial investment. Today, innovations are available to support turnaround success and deliver quality and peace of mind around safety issues. In this context, digitalization, far from something to fear, is an invaluable tool for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) departments.

There are many hazards associated with turnarounds. Since much of the work is not routine, additional or unfamiliar hazards may arise. If safeguards fail or accidents occur, human safety is at risk. The consequences can also reach beyond the worksite to affect the surrounding environment.
Asset owners, contractors, HSE experts and all of the other professionals involved know what needs to be done to ensure a successful turnaround. Digitalization helps them coordinate this knowledge, track progress and make sound, timely decisions.
The DEKRA Safety Platform (DSP) is a digital solution designed to support HSE efforts, boost turnaround efficiency and deliver peace of mind where safety is concerned.
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