Incident and Emergency Management

Effective emergency preparedness and response procedures

No organization is completely immune to worst case scenarios. When they occur, fires, explosions, technical catastrophes, natural disasters, criminal activity and other devastating events endanger human life, destroy valuable property and can reduce a company’s resources to rubble. An emergency preparedness plan and effective incident management and prevention can help organizations avoid calamity and mitigate consequences when disaster does strike.

Our consultants bring an objective, expert perspective to incident and emergency management in your company. Working closely with clients, we create tailored emergency response plans that take a clear-eyed view of the potential consequences of a disaster. Having procedures in place, including an evacuation management system, builds confidence and helps organizations protect what’s important in the midst of chaos.

Your Benefits

  • Robust protections for people and property in worst case scenarios
  • Confidence in your organization’s ability to confront extreme adversity
  • A demonstrated commitment to health and safety that inspires confidence in stakeholders

Our Approach

In an emergency, one size definitely does not fit all. To guarantee the most effective emergency preparedness and response in your organization, plans and procedures must be tailored precisely to the specifics of your company, such as size, location, core business, and so on. Our consultants work hand in glove with you to create robust emergency and evacuation management plans, including incident prevention.
As part of our emergency management planning services, we:
  • Identify and evaluate threats
  • Advise you in organizational matters, i.e. establishing information pathways, identifying key positions and competencies
  • Assist with the creation of plans for specific scenarios based on your organizational structures that include responsibilities, tasks and resources
Our evacuation planning services focus on ensuring, first and foremost, that people are out of harm’s way and that irreplaceable valuables can be safely secured. Our consultants:
  • Help you design evacuation plans tailored to your location
  • Plan and carry out evacuation drills
  • Train and educate employees and key players
  • Provide information and advice regarding evacuation technology
  • Coordinate with relevant authorities


  • We are an objective, respected service provider among industry leaders.
  • We have a strong track record as safety consultants in a range of industries.
  • We specialize in incident and emergency management and prevention.