Data Protection Training

In-house data protection expertise for your organization

Regulations and responsibilities around data protection have become more stringent and the costs of non-compliance greater than ever before. Whether your organization is subject to the GDPR, other statutory requirements or simply understands the value of effective data protection, it is a challenge to stay abreast of developments and navigate the complexities of this evolving issue.

We have created data protection courses to address the needs of our industry partners. Not only is this an opportunity to acquire in-house knowledge of how international regulations affect your company, but also a chance to educate your team about current data protection strategies and solutions. With a strong foundation in data protection issues, your organization strengthens its resilience, its reputation and its resistance to data loss.

Your Benefits

  • Compliance with standards as GDPR, the Data Protection Act and more
  • A robust data protection management system
  • A well-informed team, sensitized to data privacy issues
  • Elimination of data breaches and enhanced reputation for data security

Our Approach

Our data protection courses were designed to provide your organization with the information and know-how to integrate data protection practices and policies into your processes seamlessly. Our goal is to help you establish an effective data protection management system that allows you to comply with relevant regulations and to prevent costly and embarrassing data breaches.


  • We are a team of experienced, dedicated instructors, passionate about data protection.
  • We have a strong background and special expertise in cybersecurity issues.
  • We specialize in providing information on both data protection regulations and technologies.