Information Security Risk Management

Effective IT risk management ready to order

Your IT system is subject to a range of risks, from malfunctions, human error, and natural disasters to security breaches, data leaks and malware. Reducing those risks while maintaining functionality and avoiding excessive, unnecessary security measures requires an expert’s touch.

Our consultants help you identify, assess and monitor IT risks. We guide you through the questions central to risk management, helping you become aware of dangers as well as the probability of their occurrence. We tailor solutions and risk management processes to suit the needs of your organization and advise you when it comes to crisis management as well.

Your Benefits

  • Reduced vulnerability to cybersecurity threats
  • Robust IT risk management tailored to your organization
  • Savings resulting from improved processes, less liability and fewer incidents

Our Approach

A systematic approach to managing IT security is most effective when it is flexible enough to account for differences among organizations and networks. Working closely with our clients, we carry out IT risk assessments and design solutions that are both custom-made and follow proven risk management procedures.
The first step is to identify risks, followed closely by risk analysis. At this stage we leverage our expertise together with our clients’ extensive knowledge of the organization and system to determine which threats exist and how likely they are to occur. We answer the questions, “What are the risks?” and “What is the probability of occurrence?”
The next step involves prioritizing and assessing the risks. Again, close cooperation with our clients is essential here, as the potential consequences of an incident are cataloged, and risks categorized accordingly. Once priorities have been agreed on, our team can turn to controlling, managing and treating risks. Protective measures can take a variety of forms, from technological interventions to insurance to structural modifications.
The final step, monitoring and reviewing, is an ongoing process involving documentation and reporting as well as developing strategies to revisit the foregoing steps on a regular basis.
Drawing on this basic framework, we empower our clients to establish a robust and sustainable information security risk management system.


  • We are IT security experts and trusted advisors to industry leaders.
  • We have a range of IT security services available under one roof.
  • We specialize in tailored risk management for IT systems.