IT Risk Management

Analysis of the risks

We make it possible for your company to calculate and control the risks from the cyber sector.

Risk Management

Managing risks safely.

Risk management comprises the identification, assessment and monitoring of risks. The first task is to evaluate the degree of risk to the IT systems in your company and to evaluate the probability of occurrence.

Measures for reduction are then developed. Or individual risks with a low probability of occurrence are borne. Risks are transferred to third parties through other measures, e.g. insurance or transfers.

The process of risk management in six steps:

Risks are identified, described and their causes and effects determined.

The probability of occurrence and possible effects are determined on the basis of the analysis.

Risks are compared with defined criteria from standards and norms.

Measures to reduce the probability of occurrence are determined in order to make consequences manageable.

Parameters for current risks (risk indicators) are constantly monitored.

Documentation of all processes for risk analysis and assessment is provided.

Everything you need to know at a glance:

  • identify, evaluate and monitor risks
  • analysis of the identified risks with regard to the probability of occurrence
  • introduction of risk management processes
  • crisis management measures


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