Data Protection Officer

Fulfilling the role of a data privacy officer

It may be mandatory for your company to enlist the services of a Data Protection Officer (DPO), either as a permanent member of your staff, or as an external service. It may instead be your company’s choice to ensure that the roles and responsibilities of a DPO are fulfilled, even if you are not required to do so by law.

As most companies fall into one of these two categories, individuals qualified to serve as an in-house DPO are in high demand. In addition, the scope of the work is monumental and the regulatory landscape diverse. Under these circumstances, outsourcing is an attractive option.
Our data protection consultants are well-versed in the legal, technical and organizational aspects of data privacy regulations. We can provide you with the know-how to ensure compliance and fulfill the roles and responsibilities of a mandated Data Protection Officer. DPO consulting is one of a range of data protection services that prevent data breaches, reduce liability and prepare your company for the cyber future.

Your Benefits

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Access to comprehensive data protection expertise
  • A consistent approach to data protection issues
  • Data protection education resources

Our Approach

Our Data Protection Officer consulting services give you access to specialized knowledge in all aspects of data protection. We fulfill all the roles and responsibilities of an in-house DPO, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and robust protection for sensitive data.
Our consultants:
  • Monitor regulatory compliance no matter which law or laws apply to your organization
  • Educate employees about their data protection responsibilities
  • Carry out awareness-raising initiatives regarding data protection in your company
  • Ensure that internal processes and operations align with privacy standards and best practices
  • Serve as a liaison with authorities and other organizations
Because this is an individual service, you can customize the duties and responsibilities of your external DPO to meet the specific needs of your organization.


  • We are experts in all aspects of data protection.
  • We have extensive resources to support your company’s data protection efforts.
  • We specialize in protecting sensitive data and preventing breaches.