Data Protection Risk Assessment

Preventing data protection breaches

Finance, development, human resources, accounting, operations, procurement - essentially every aspect of your business relies on data collection and processing to ensure success. Not only is the security of this data in your organization’s best interest, but in many parts of the world it is a legal responsibility. Given the rapid and continuing advancements in technology, the challenge is to establish an effective, robust data protection system that can stand up to attempted breaches.

A good place to start is with a data risk assessment carried out by experts with the requisite background and experience in cyber security and technologies. Our network of international consultants can analyze your existing data protection system and propose appropriate measures for improvement. A data protection risk assessment that identifies your vulnerabilities can provide a roadmap for improvement and help bring you into compliance if you are legally obligated to demonstrate adequate data protection.

Your Benefits

  • A robust data protection system
  • Access to cyber expertise in the field of data protection
  • Awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of your existing data protection system
  • A reputation for data protection excellence along with a competitive edge

Our Approach

Our cyber security consulting services are guided by the needs of our customers combined with an extensive knowledge of today’s cyber realities and national and international legal requirements. These are our priorities in carrying out our data protection risk assessment services. Under this umbrella, we offer consulting in the form of:
  • Risk analysis to identify data protection vulnerabilities
  • Risk management designed to prevent data breaches
  • Data protection security solutions in cases of emergency
  • Penetration testing
  • Advice on compliance with legal requirements
Together we can overcome your data protection challenges and prevent data loss in your company, making you more effective, efficient and competitive.


  • We are an international network of data risk assessment specialists.
  • We have extensive experience assisting companies in strengthening their data protections.
  • We specialize in reliable, expert data protection risk assessments.