External Information Security Officer

Certification support with an external Information Security Officer (ISO)

When new security structures and processes for certifications are established and implemented or recertifications are pending, organizations may find themselves without the temporary support they need - especially when budgeting constraints don’t allow for a dedicated internal department. A temporary specialist could be the answer, providing a reliable resource for questions that arise and guidance through mandated processes.

Information Security Officers provide support when and how you need it!
Information Security Officers provide support when and how you need it!

We offer the economical alternative to a full-time internal data security expert. Our information security personnel are available precisely when you need them and can assist you in reaching very specific objectives, from (re)certification to risk analysis, security measure selection, implementation or security awareness training.

Your Benefits

  • Support during certification or recertification of management systems
  • Objective advice regarding suitable security measures based on expert risk analysis
  • Coordinated handling of IT systems and data that is not digitally processed
  • Cost-effective access to experience, expertise and objectivity without long-term commitments

Our Approach

Members of our ISO team, many of whom are themselves auditors, focus on the specific tasks requested by our clients for completion over an agreed period of time. Some examples include:

  • Drafting and adaptation of work agreements and safety guidelines based on analysis
  • Development of structures and processes to ensure information security according to analysis and client objectives
  • Coordination of all security measures
  • Maintenance and preparation of necessary legal or compliance-related documentation
  • Employee training and education for data security awareness


  • We are an experienced and respected third party service provider
  • We have the resources to ensure fast deployment and world-class expertise
  • We specialize in providing objective, customized advice on data security topics

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