Position of an information security officer

Temporary specialist

DEKRA provides you with an information security officer for certain periods of time, e.g. before certifications or recertifications.

Provision of an information security officer

The economical alternative to an internal employee

Information security is a complex and important area today, in which it is worthwhile to get an expert in the house. Especially when new security structures and processes for certifications are established and implemented or recertifications are pending. The Information security officer is the central authority for all questions and measures.

For a company, on the other hand, it is usually not worth hiring an information security officer, since his tasks are usually decisive for only a limited time. DEKRA offers the economic alternative with the position of an expert for your desired time and for very specific objectives.

What is it used for?

  • Support during the certification process and recertification (certification process/management systems/standards conformity)
  • Analysis of safety requirements based on possible risks and development of suitable measures (individual situation/circumstances/equipment)
  • Area of responsibility includes IT systems as well as all information that is not digitally processed (handling data/processes)

What does he do?

  1. Drafting and adaptation of work agreements and safety guidelines (consequence of the analysis)
  2. Development of structures and processes to ensure information security (consequence of analysis/achievement of objectives)
  3. Coordination of all safety measures (implementation)
  4. Maintenance and preparation of the necessary documentation (legal requirements/compliance with standards)
  5. Employee awareness of security and data security through training and education (IT behavior, implementation)

Important: An information security officer does not replace the data protection officer, but one person can have both positions.

Everything you need to know at a glance:

  • Fast deployment of coveted and rare experts
  • DEKRA Pool of competent and experienced experts - mostly auditors themselves
  • More critical view on the security infrastructure than possible internal employees
  • Simple sensitization of employees by external "respect persons"
  • Cost-effectiveness and efficiency through temporary use


Klaus-Peter Junk

Product Manager Information Security & Data Protection

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