Our Categories - Your application

Does your company develop superb concepts, initiatives, processes or similar and set a real benchmark in the process? We want to reward excellent achievements in the fields of "Safety", "Security" and "Sustainability". Rather than focusing on the products, the award aims to highlight best practices in these categories.

This year, we also have a special category, "Startups". This is open to innovative startups that offer innovative solutions and business models in one of the three areas.
The award process at a glance
1. Send us your application in your selected category by September, 19th 2022.
2. Complete your application in the online form. (To do so, follow the steps in the form.) Or download the application form as a PDF file and send it to us by e-mail at award@​dekra​.com
3. The seven-person jury will select and name the winners in each category in the beginning of October 2022.
4. The category winners will be informed after the jury meeting at the latest. We would like to film a short trailer about your company and your project. If you agree to this, please provide for a day of filming at your company before the award ceremony.
5. In October, all nominated candidates will be published on the website.
6. On November 10, 2022, all winners will be announced.
    The purpose of the DEKRA Award 2022 is to reward outstanding concepts, initiatives, processes and so on in the categories "SAFETY", " SECURITY", "SUSTAINABILITY " and “STARTUPS”. The award is designed to focus on best practices in these categories rather than on products.
    In the SAFETY category, awards go to companies, organizations, initiatives, or individuals who have developed outstanding concepts, initiatives, innovative products and services that serve as role models and help improve safety.
    Whether it’s on the road, at work, at home or at leisure, many physical activities depend on the me-chanical and functional safety of a product. To be safe and hazard-free, a product must always with-stand the mechanical strain of everyday use.
    Mechanical and functional safety are of major importance in a variety of totally different use cases, and the corresponding safety risks are equally diverse. Inspections of mechanical and functional safety are important for a wide range of facilities, means of transport, machinery, products, applianc-es, tools, etc.
    With this award, an independent jury honors outstanding ideas that help to resolve important mechan-ical and functional safety deficits.
    To help you prepare for the online form or if you want to submit an application separately, please find attached the questionnaire on all three categories.