Terms and conditions of participation for the DEKRA Award

1. General
The awards are bestowed by DEKRA e.V., Handwerkstraße 15, 70565 Stuttgart. Companies, organizations, public bodies, initiatives, associations and individuals are authorized to participate.
Every year, DEKRA gives a DEKRA Award for the categories of "Safety", "Security", "Sustainability" and for the category startups. To this end, the nominees/winners of the DEKRA Award receive a DEKRA Award Signet ("signet") and a DEKRA Award certificate ("certificate").
2. Submitting the application documents
Applicants can submit entry in one category free of charge. To ensure that everyone has the same chance, we can accept only one application per category from each applicant. The projects are documented in a project description. The application form at www.dekra-award.de can be used as a basis for this. The online application involves six steps. Note that an application is not considered complete nor is it submitted in legally binding form to the organizer until the final sixth step has been performed (submit application). Additional submissions of image material, information material about the project or project website addresses can be included, although the submitted documents should not exceed two pages. The closing date for applications is September 19, 2022. The legal process is excluded. The applicant guarantees the accuracy of the information and ensures that the application will be signed submitted by an authorized representative of the company and to release information society person who is also entitled to agree to these terms and conditions for the applicant.
3. Publication and data protection
The participants consent to the publication of the submitted project title, short project description and their company name and logo on the DEKRA Award website and in other media associated with the DEKRA Award and its partner WirtschaftsWoche. The submitted data is not considered to be confidential data. There is no legal entitlement to publish the data. DEKRA reserves the right to make editorial revisions and changes to text passages on product descriptions and titles that the participant submits. DEKRA is entitled to cancel the publication if the participant violates the terms and conditions of use of the DEKRA Award or if, according to reasonable discretion, it is unreasonable for DEKRA to maintain the publication of the data, especially if the behavior of the participant directly or indirectly harms the reputation of DEKRA.
The personal and company data stated by the participant on the application form will be collected, stored, used and passed on to the DEKRA Award partner WirtschaftsWoche, only for the purpose of organizing and processing the DEKRA Award. Further forwarding to third parties does not occur.
The participants declare themselves with the publication of the submitted project title, the short project description, their company name and logo, as well as photos (taken on the awarding of the company name and the persons representing the company) on the website of the DEKRA Award as well as in further print and social media agreed by the DEKRA and its cooperation partner WirtschaftsWoche. For this purpose, this information and documents are also forwarded to the cooperation partner WirtschaftsWoche.
The data and documents submitted by the participant are not confidential. There is no legal claim to publication of the data. DEKRA reserves the right to editorially revise and modify the text passages submitted by the participant on best practice product description and titles. DEKRA shall be entitled to change the publication once it has been canceled or to completely delete it if the participant violates the terms of use of the DEKRA Award or it is unreasonable for DEKRA to maintain the publication of the data unchanged or in full, especially if the reputation of DEKRA is directly or indirectly endangered by the behavior of the participant.
In addition, the personal and company-related data provided by the participant in the application form will only be collected, stored and used for the purpose of executing and processing the DEKRA Award. Any further disclosure to third parties will not take place.
4. Exclusion criteria
Projects that do not relate to the issues encompassed by the different categories shall not be considered, nor shall projects that are not yet in the practical implementation phase.
5. Jury
The applications submitted in the three categories are appraised by an expert jury. The winners will officially be announced after November 10, 2022. It may be that no award is presented if the jury does not consider any of the submitted applications to be worthy of the award. The jury's decision is final.
6. Endowment
The DEKRA Award is not endowed.
7. Award ceremony
The award ceremony is on November 10, 2022. During the DEKRA Award ceremony, the winners will be invited to give a brief presentation for their project for the benefit of the audience.
8. Terms and conditions of use for the DEKRA Award signet
The following terms and conditions of use apply for the use of the DEKRA Award signet (hereinafter "signet") and the DEKRA Award certificate (hereinafter "certificate"). The applicant accepts the conditions by submitting his or her application documents.
For more information, please view the following Terms of Use: