SVHC Management for Articles

Comprehensive compliance management for REACH and hazardous substances

The EU chemical law "REACH" requires manufacturers, importers and distributors to declare Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for all kinds of products.

It is important for companies to know whether articles contain SVHC which include certain plasticizers. Importers of articles from non-EU countries are particularly affected by this aspect of the REACH Regulation (1907/2006/EC), but European manufacturers and distributors of SHVC-containing products have to comply with the requirements as well.
Importers and manufacturers must indicate whether products contain substances from the EU's SVHC list in a concentration of 0.1% or more. They must list all substances that could potentially be included in REACH Annex XIV. Companies that work with chemicals on the candidate list have an obligation to provide information to the rest of the supply chain. Additionally, articles with SVHC must be notified to the SCIP database, according to the Waste Framework Directive.
Only when chemical substances are transferred from the candidate list to Annex XIV are companies obliged to obtain an authorization to use them.

Your Benefits

  • A tailor-made compliance plan
  • Quick and efficient conformity with REACH Art. 33
  • Increased confidence in your products by customers and partners

Our Approach

Our compliance management services support companies in compiling a list of possible SVHC in their product materials. This enables them to identify potentially risky products more easily.
DEKRA can also support with preparing the SCIP notification.
A simple solution: Our “Substances in Materials” (SIM) tool
The presence of SVHC is closely related to product materials and ingredients, which our experts took into account when developing our SIM database. Using literature, expertise and laboratory observations, we evaluated more than 150 materials in which SVHC can occur and with what probability. This database is updated twice a year to include new SVHC on the candidate list, and new materials are added continuously.
A process-oriented solution: REACH Compliance Management
Our REACH Compliance Management service supports companies as they gather information about SVHC in their products through a pragmatic, efficient combination of supplier evaluations, risk assessments and laboratory analysis. By integrating this approach into their processes, companies can be certain information is always up to date. Our globally recognized seal or certificate on the company homepage communicates to customers that our clients are dedicated to safety and transparency.
A comprehensive solution: compliance with hazardous substance regulations
We also provide an opportunity to test your products for compliance with applicable legal requirements and limits. Our experts ensure that only requirements relevant to your product are specifically queried, e.g. those established by the Toys Directive or the Phthalates Directive.
Our Hazardous Material Compliance Check coupled with a system tailored to your needs guarantees the safety and security that your customers demand!


  • We have over 30 years’ experience advising companies on chemical law.
  • We own an extensive database of materials potentially containing SVHC.
  • We offer a range of services from a single source - from consulting to analysis.
  • We help you meet requirements pragmatically and efficiently.