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Cybersecurity Certification Program for Electric Vehicles Charging Stations

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can be targets for cyber-attacks. At DEKRA, we have designed the world’s first cybersecurity certification program to evaluate and demonstrate the security of EV charging stations.

DEKRA’s cybersecurity certification program for EV charging stations

Ensure a secure EV charging experience for the end-user

Cyber-attacks against EV charging stations have an increased and significant impact, since not only the charger is at risk, but also the energy and transportation infrastructure as well as the privacy of the user. For this reason, security features in EV charging stations need to be implemented to guarantee a secure operation within the whole ecosystem while charging the electric vehicle.

DEKRA’s cybersecurity certification program for EV charging stations helps you ensure that the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is prepared to address security threats by using solutions such as:

  • Securing access to the device from the Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) to the Wide Area Network (WAN) network by enforcing authentication and cryptographically protecting the communication.
  • Protecting access to the configuration and firmware on the device by engineers through access control, logging configuration changes, and checking firmware signatures before installation.
  • Protecting the device from exploits against software vulnerabilities through hardening, allowing remote updates, and requiring secure development processes at the supplier.

How we can support you

Key features of the certification:

  • Most common cybersecurity standards: The security requirements of DEKRA's cybersecurity certification program are based on the most common cybersecurity standards, such as ETSI EN 303 645 and IEC 62443.

  • Three levels of certification: The certification program is divided into 3 levels, where the security requisites are gradually rising.

  • DEKRA Seal: Certified products will be granted DEKRA Seal to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the cybersecurity certification program.

Steps of the certification:

  • Register for the Certification Program.

  • Choose DEKRA’s location for Testing Laboratory.
  • Perform an incremental level compliance testing on the EV charging station:

Level 1: Basic Security Requirements.

Level 2: Advanced Security Requirements and SPDLC Assessment.

Level 3: Penetration Testing (limited by time).

  • Submit test documents and evidences to Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).

Receive your DEKRA certification approval.

  • Submissions are reviewed and approved if EV Charging Station meets the criteria.
  • Get access to the EV Charging Station certificate and seal.

Stay certified with ongoing verification and insights.

  • Independent Authorized Lab review products for compliance.
  • Receive ongoing product and ecosystem status reports.
  • Receive ongoing EV Charging Stations regulatory updates.


  • We are the experts in cybersecurity testing and certification services and have been it for more than a decade.
  • We contribute to developing cyber security standards and regulations by being members of standards organizations and industry alliances.
  • We are a full-service certification partner supporting you to access markets worldwide.

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