DEKRA System and Network Security

Analysis as working basis

We are your partner for analyses as you prepare for certifications and if you have specific security problems.

System and network security

Systematic analysis for more security in the network

System and network security is divided into two essential areas: analysis and consulting for later certification as well as specific problems, e.g. cyber attacks, on which a company would like to gain more knowledge in order to be able to take suitable measures.

During the preparation for certification, a penetration test is always used to check the extent to which the information security management system's structure and guidelines fulfill the requirements of the standards. For example as preparation for a later certification according to ISO 27001.

In short: the analysis clarifies why something is being done for system and network security. And whether the protection is sufficient.

Everything you need to know at a glance:

  • advice on the Information Security Management System (ISMS) for subsequent ISO certification
  • network analysis for smaller analysis ranges
  • analysis of specific problems


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