Penetration testing

Strengthen your security with targeted network penetration testing

Enterprises of all sizes and sorts use IT networks as part of their internal and external communication, data storage, operations and more. The network, in fact, is a cyber version of the organization itself, requiring very specialized security measures to address cyber risks.

Cutting edge penetration testing step by step
Cutting edge penetration testing step by step

Penetration testing is an effective way to evaluate IT networks by revealing weaknesses that viruses, hackers and other destructive elements can exploit to harm your company.

Our cybersecurity experts apply the latest penetration testing methodologies and tools to discover where your network is weakest. In close collaboration with our clients, we provide customized network penetration testing services according to the organization’s goals and the system’s requirements.

Your Benefits

  • An enhanced knowledge of your IT network system and its vulnerabilities
  • An awareness of network security requirements and priorities
  • A more robust and secure IT network

Our Approach

Penetration testing steps
Framework for penetration testing process

Our experts know that IT networks are as varied as the organizations they serve. That’s why we take a customized approach to penetration testing, allowing our clients to determine the scope and purpose of the tests, guided by what they want to achieve.

With this in mind, network penetration tests do follow a general pattern consisting of 5 basic steps:

  • Planning and reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining access
  • Maintaining access
  • Analysis

The first step is to determine the scope, goals and methods to be used and to gather the data required for the test. Next, we carry out scans of the system, inspecting the underlying code either while the network is running or in a static state. To gain access, our experts focus on vulnerabilities and then exploit them to escalate privileges, steal or intercept data and explore other ways damage could be inflicted. Once our testers gain access, the goal is to find out if they are able to establish a persistent presence, since many cyber threats rely on extended access to compromise an organization’s most sensitive data. In the final step, we analyze the results and compile a report summarizing which vulnerabilities we discovered, what data was accessible and how long we maintained access before being detected.

Using these 5 steps as a framework, we tailor our penetration testing services to target our clients’ areas of concern. Whether it is a comprehensive security test, the identification of security gaps, a scan with specific focal points or another variation, we have the expertise and capacity to meet your needs and provide individualized solutions and action plans.


  • We are experts in network penetration testing.
  • We have experience in all areas of cybersecurity affecting business and industry.
  • We specialize in cutting edge pentest methods and tools.


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