Penetration Testing

Closing of security gaps

We check your IT system for weak points and point out protective measures.

Penetration testing

The endurance test for your IT system

Are your IT systems safe from hacker attacks? Is your software up to date? Can the firewall withstand attacks? Or are there open ports or other gateways that could become potential targets for attack? Questions after questions: in penetration testing we find the answers for you. To do this, we scan your IT system.

You determine the scope and focus of the penetration test: internal IT system, external access, or everything combined. You should ask yourself these questions: what is the purpose of the penetration test?

Criteria for setting up and carrying out a penetration test:

  • information basis
  • aggressiveness (scan and/or active attacks)
  • scope (depth of tests – any IP address, any device, inside and outside)
  • procedure
  • technology
  • starting point

Everything you need to know at a glance:

  • comprehensive safety test
  • identification of security gaps
  • scan of the IT system with individual focal points
  • derivation of solutions and recommendations for action


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