Information Security Management Consulting

An effective information security management system designed especially for you

In order to ensure information security in a risky IT landscape, a robust management system is essential. Establishing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) tailored to your organization and corresponding to international standards may require the guidance and advice of experts in the field.

Our consultants specialize in IT security systems and solutions
Our consultants specialize in IT security systems and solutions

Our cybersecurity consultancy follows up an analysis of your IT infrastructure with recommendations for the design and implementation of customized security systems. With a flexible, holistic approach, our experts take into account the specifics of your sector, your strengths and your most pressing needs to create an information security system that works for you.

Your Benefits

  • Access to cutting edge IT security expertise
  • Individualized solutions for securing data and information
  • Compliance with ISO standard 27001 for information security systems

Our Approach

We collaborate closely with our clients in order to create truly customized information security management systems and find innovative solutions to their particular security challenges. The scope and content of our ISMS consultancy services therefore vary according to the organization, its goals and requirements. Included among our areas of expertise are:

  • Designing structures and processes according to ISO standard 27001
  • Advising clients on establishing or optimizing ISMS
  • Evaluating the potential for improvement in existing security systems
  • Consulting on contracts, internal guidelines, etc


  • We are trusted advisors to industry leaders worldwide.
  • We have a team of IT security experts dedicated to our clients’ success.
  • We specialize in tailor-made information security systems and solutions.

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