Safety Incident Investigation

HSE experts for an effective investigation process

Understanding why incidents occur in the workplace is essential to preventing similar future events. When a safety incident happens, however minor, it is an opportunity to learn more about the efficacy of safety measures, employee training and company culture in protecting people and property.

A well-managed, thorough investigation makes the most of this opportunity, providing important data, complying with legal obligations and demonstrating a commitment to the HSE mission.
Our HSE incident investigation consultants can provide valuable insights and concrete guidance in the aftermath of a workplace incident. From securing and assessing the scene, supervising witness management and data collection to accident analysis, root cause identification, reporting and recommendations, we are at your side to bring clarity to a complex situation.

Your Benefits

  • Access to third party expertise in HSE incident investigation
  • Compliance with legal responsibilities
  • Root cause discovery and support in addressing contributing factors

Our Approach

Following an incident, immediately after first-aid or medical care has been administered and the appropriate people have been notified, the investigation begins. When investigating safety incidents, our focus is on finding root causes that can be remedied to prevent future occurrences.
Our consultants provide support and guide you through the following steps of the incident investigation process:
  • Scene management and assessment: Ensuring that the area where the incident occurred is secure and that investigators can safely do their jobs.
  • Witness management: Providing assistance in identifying witnesses, limiting interaction among them and overseeing interviews.
  • Data collection: Assisting with the gathering of physical evidence, making sure legal requirements are fulfilled, and reviewing related documentation.
  • Data analysis: Drawing on our experience and expertise to carry out a full analysis.
  • Root cause identification: Considering the task, materials and equipment used, the work environment, the personnel involved, and management factors, understanding that there is seldom one root cause.
  • Findings report and recommendations: Making certain that the report represents events fairly and accurately and contains concrete, sensible recommendations designed to prevent similar incidents.
Our consultants are experts in causation models and investigation techniques and can help lay the groundwork for an efficient investigatory process even before an accident takes place, ensuring that no time is lost between the event and the start of investigations and that the team conducting the inquiry includes the right combination of individuals.


  • We are experts in the legal and HSE aspects of incident investigation.
  • We have experience with investigative techniques and causation models in a range of industries.
  • We specialize in finding safety incident causes and customized solutions.