Occupational Travel Medical Consultancy

High health care standards for workers traveling or living abroad

In today’s interconnected world and global economy, your organization may require its employees to travel as part of their job responsibilities or even to live at a distant location for weeks, months or years during the course of an international project. The health and safety of these occupational travelers is important to their professional performance, to the smooth functioning of operations, to the success of your business and to the general motivation of the workforce.

Many employees and managers need to travel for work reasons. Workers who travel as part of their job may face health issues that on-site employees experience less frequently or they may be exposed to an environment where they encounter more and different risks (infection, extreme climate conditions, etc.) in an area with a less sophisticated healthcare infrastructure than in their home country.

Your Benefits

  • Healthy employees on the road, in the air and at distant locations
  • Compliance with relevant occupational health regulations
  • Fewer travel-related illnesses in your workforce

Our Approach

Traveling into different parts of the world often raises questions and needs for information, prevention, vaccination or examination. DEKRA can support employers and employees to manage work related travel healthy and protected.
Some countries have a legal framework detailing employers’ role in safeguarding their workers’ health in these situations. Other countries rely on the “duty of care” concept to describe employer responsibilities. No matter what your jurisdiction, it is smart company policy to consider the health risks of your frequent and long-term business travelers. Our experts in occupational travel and health can answer your questions on travel health, make recommendations, explain immunization policies, perform pre-travel physical exams and more.


  • We are a team of medical and occupational health experts.
  • We have extensive knowledge of regulations and effective preventive measures related to occupational travel.
  • We specialize in helping companies maintain the health of workers traveling and living overseas.