Occupational Medical Examinations

Reliable health assessments with our occupational medical services

When employees are exposed to toxins, hazardous substances, noise, vibration, radiation or other risk factors, it takes a toll on health. Occupational health guidelines and standards call for special attention in these cases, recommending a medical program that assesses exposure and its impact on health prior to and during employment, providing care as needed and maintaining accurate, thorough records.

Our occupational medical services help you keep your workforce in top condition. In addition to comprehensive health assessments carried out by specialists in the field, we advise you in matters related to compliance and legal requirements in the area of occupational health.

Your Benefits

  • A healthy workforce, capable of carrying out its tasks
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • A reputation for exceptional employee care

Our Approach

Occupational medical examinations carried out by our occupational health specialists are especially suited for workers whose jobs involve repeated exposure to risk factors, such as substances, noise, radiation, vibration or situations that can adversely affect their health. We provide exams and assessments required or recommended by law or standards in these cases, but our services extend beyond compliance to ensure your employees are able to maintain good health and perform to their full capacity.
Our physicians assess potential employees, they identify their medical conditions and existing injuries to determine their ability to meet the demands of the job. Pre-employment medical examinations make sure employees can safely perform a job, resulting in reduced medical costs and insurance claims. Once hired, we periodically monitor their health as required to ensure long-term safety and that of their coworkers. Our occupational medical examinations efficiently mitigate risk for both, employer and employee, reducing financial and emotional costs of injuries.
From examinations to documentation to compliance and beyond, we are a valuable resource for you when it comes to supporting occupational health.


  • We are experts in our field and your trusted advisor.
  • We have in-depth knowledge of compliance issues around occupational health.
  • We specialize in occupational health medical examinations.