New sub-versions for IFS Logistics and Broker standards

Sep 30, 2021 Audit

Updated standards and protocols for IFS Certification

New IFS Logistics 2.3 and IFS Broker 3.1 standard sub-versions for the food industry come into effect on October 1st, 2021. Updated to ensure safe quality, transport, and storage, as well as trading of food and HPC products, the sub-versions include changes to the audit protocol, scoring system and action plan requirements.

Reasons for the new standard sub-versions and protocols

  • Meet GFSI benchmarking version 2020.1 requirements
  • Ensure compliance with ISO 17065:2012 and IAF MD1:2018 standards
  • Increase transparency to boost confidence and trust
  • New standard sub-versions take effect
Evolving IFS Logistics and Broker standards have been updated to include the new IFS Logistics version 2.3 and IFS Broker version 3.1. Although currently certified companies face no requirement change, certification audits performed on or after October 1st, 2021 must follow the new audit protocol, including a new scoring system, containing updates for the scoring system and handling of deviations as well as mandatory unannounced audits.

Changing the score board and action plans

In the future, the IFS scoring system for these sub-versions will be comparable to the new IFS Food version 7 rating schedule. With a B rating now considered a “Point of Attention”, all “Deviations” and “KO non-conformities” will exclusively receive C and D ratings. These scoring changes will dramatically impact the final results of the audit due to even the smallest deviations mandatorily reduced to a C rating of five points.
Changes to the action plan see every deviation or non-conformity requiring defined corrections and corrective actions. Evidence for all corrections and actions and their implementation must be provided to the auditor. All corrections and actions must be successfully completed within four weeks to qualify for certification. In cases where problems cannot be solved by the end of the four-week period, a new, separate audit must be conducted.

Audits, auditors and reporting

Both IFS Logistics version 2.3 and IFS Broker version 3.1 require one unannounced audit every three years with registration at least four weeks prior to the start of any timeframe in which the audit can be carried out. Revisions for ensuring qualified auditors and establishing standardized reporting are also provided. All relevant Certified Body personnel must be properly trained in the new requirements and are expected to submit proof of their qualifications upon request.

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