ISO 22301 Certification

ISO 22301 certification - protecting business processes from critical events

Emergencies and disruptions can affect companies of all sizes.

Business continuity management (BCM) certification according to ISO 22301 enables you to resume your business activities quickly after critical events.

About ISO 22301 certification

The participation of corporate management is key when introducing and implementing a BCM system. It is the priority of every strong management team that the organization is prepared for and able to master operational disruption, no matter what the cause.
ISO 22301 certification of your continuity management plan ensures that the central operational functions of your organization are maintained even after an emergency. Our experts conduct audits to analyze your organization’s current status and show you where there is potential for improvement in your BCM.
The following steps lead to certification of your BCM according to ISO 22301:
  1. Document verification with regard to the requirements of ISO 22301 for BCM
  2. Pre-audit: on-site stocktaking (optional)
  3. Preparation of the audit plan
  4. Certification audit
  5. Conferral of the certificate
  6. Monitoring and recertification audit every 1-3 years

Gain from our expertise

  • We aim to optimally prepare you for possible disturbances and emergencies with our independent ISO 22301 certification.
  • Our broad network of experts is by your side with many years of practical experience.
  • You can rely on our expertise and know-how when reviewing your business processes and continuity management systems.

Main changes to ISO 22301:2019

Published in 2019, the revised ISO 22301 rules come into force this year. This revision responds to current business continuity management (BCM) requirements. ISO 22301:2019 includes the following changes:
  • Optimization of Chapter 8
  • Partial transfer of area-specific requirements to Chapter 8
  • Reduction of documentation requirements
  • Removal of references to risk readiness
  • Clear requirement specification
  • Business continuity plan to include employees in the event of an incident
  • Clear separation between guidelines and requirements
  • Focus on changes to the business continuity management system
All initial certifications and recertifications according to ISO 22301:2019 will begin as of November 1, 2021.
All procedural transitions must be completed by April 30, 2023.
Transition requires a one-time, small monitoring or recertification surcharge.