HSE Management Consulting

An HSE management structure that drives safety excellence

A robust HSE management benefits organizations in many ways: healthy, motivated and productive employees, reduced costs, fewer risks and a safer workplace, as well as an enhanced reputation and satisfied customers.

Experience has taught us that going beyond simple compliance to develop and align a customized HSE system for our clients is a major driver of safety excellence. To that end, we assess organizations’ safety needs and design interventions that address the exposures they face.
Our experts engage with employees at all levels and help ensure the right people are in place and excellence is rewarded. Our consultants also provide advice on topics related to international standards and help you achieve compliance. With our guidance, you can update your existing HSE management structure or introduce a new one that conforms with international best practices.

Your Benefits

  • Legal compliance and enhanced safety beyond compliance
  • Exposure control and reduced costs
  • A reputation as a safety leader in your industry
  • Improved employee morale at all levels of your organization

Our Approach

Our focus is on developing and aligning the systems that drive safety excellence in your company. To reach this goal, we support you in:
  • Assessing your organization for safety needs and opportunities
  • Designing interventions to prevent exposure to serious injuries and fatalities
  • Ensuring the right people are in place to achieve your goals
  • Recognizing and rewarding excellence
  • Instilling a sense of fair discipline in order to improve safety performance
Undergirding our guidance is the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model, which highlights essential HSE management elements. At its core, this model depends on a commitment by leadership and management to embrace positive HSE change. Accordingly, we help you:
  • Plan: identify appropriate goals for your organization
  • Do: implement the steps required to meet those goals, activating necessary operations
  • Check: monitor and evaluate performance
  • Act: maintain progress and continually improve
Since every organization is different, the specifics of our approach will vary. Get in touch with our team of consultants to plan the right strategy for you.


  • We are HSE experts with a talent for customization.
  • We have experience partnering with industry leaders worldwide to improve HSE management.
  • We specialize in HSE management structures that drive safety excellence and compliance with international standards.