High-Voltage Vehicle E-Training

Providing new skills to ensure safety when handling all types of high-voltage vehicles

More and more electric vehicles (EV) are taking to the streets but knowledge and experience regarding the safe operation, repair and towing of high-voltage cars is still limited. Therefore, different groups of professionals, such as tow truck drivers, roadside assistance and insurance center personnel, are becoming a critical part of the e-mobility landscape to protect both property and people. With our DEKRA Digital High-Voltage Vehicle Training, we provide your employees with the knowledge they need to help owners of all kinds of electric vehicles optimally in the event of an emergency.

Designed to promote a motivating learning journey, our e-training uses a modern and intuitive application accessible from anywhere and at any time. Learning contents focused on the operation, maintenance and towing of electric vehicles are packaged into 3 to 15-minute microlearning sessions that can be easily integrated into the daily work routine. In this self-organized learning process, learners are free to independently select learning content and process, pause and repeat it at their own in order to be able to remember the newly acquired knowledge for longer and directly apply it in practice.

Would you like to equip your employees with the necessary high-voltage vehicle knowledge with the help of our e-training? Please contact us to receive more information.
Your Benefits
  • Remote learning whenever and wherever
  • Flexible, self-determined learning pace and process
  • Short lessons of self-contained content that can be stopped, resumed and revisited
  • Temporary access to be able to look up and repeat contents when in doubt after finishing the e-training
  • Remote learning whenever and wherever

Our microlearning approach

Our cube training was designed based on a learning approach called microlearning, which enables learning content to be conveyed in a more effective, easier to process and longer-lasting way through short learning sessions, the use of different media and a self-determined learning process. The cube is structured in successive and increasingly complex levels that can be unlocked by successfully completing short tests. After completing the e-training, learners receive a letter of participation or a certification as well as full access to the program for a certain period of time.


  • Long-time expertise in training and learning design
  • Modern training methods with state-of-the-art learning tools
  • Created by innovative learning designers with a special focus on interactivity, mixed teaching methods and the best possible learning experience
  • Internationally recognized training programs
Frequently Asked Questions about our High-Voltage Vehicle E-Training
1. Who is this training designed for?
Our High-Voltage Vehicle Training is designed to host different groups working with all types of electric vehicles, such as battery, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles. This includes professionals working in towing and roadside assistance, but also in the insurance industry and call centers.
2. Which topics are subject to the e-learning content?
3. How is it possible to make time for this training alongside the daily business of work?
4. How does the learning cube work exactly?
5. What formats are used in the course to convey learning content?
6. Can I access the e-training from anywhere, even when internet is weak?