Coaching in Preparation for a TISAX® Assessment

Security, transparency and a competitive edge

TISAX® represents a common safety level and reliable quality in the automotive industry and is recognized by almost all manufacturers worldwide. Car manufacturers often require a valid TISAX® label as a condition for partnership. The TISAX® requirements combine industry and customer standards, create the greatest possible transparency and security and reduce costs, effort and complexity for you as a supplier.

Today, information security is one of the most important goals for organizations and is essential across departments and divisions. For suppliers and service providers of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), TISAX® is a reliable way to demonstrate compliance with international information security requirements. For some manufacturers it is even a prerequisite for a joint business relationship.
If your customer contacts you about TISAX®, they will usually also tell you which locations and labels are relevant or required for them. We are happy to advise and inform you regarding the scope of and basis for testing, including the number of supply chain sites involved, the type of business relationship with the customer, application of TISAX® labels, and so on. As recognized experts with many years of experience and knowledge in the automotive industry, we are your competent partner. Our consultants identify gaps in your company's information security system, make recommendations for their elimination and work with you to implement the necessary measures. You benefit from increased security and transparency together with maximum efficiency so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Your Benefits

  • Reduced costs, effort and complexity
  • Increased security and transparency
  • A competitive edge through TISAX® compliance

Our Approach

Our experts specialized for TISAX® assist you in every phase of your TISAX® project, with input from you on where you need support and how much. We help you devise a customized plan and advise you on its implementation or help gather the necessary documentation and arrange reviews and analyses. Our experts also conduct introductory workshops on establishing an Information Security Management System (ISMS) where all your questions are answered and where you will learn about practical procedures and how to implement them yourself to successfully introduce TISAX®.
Our TISAX® services have three phases:
  1. GAP analysis
    A GAP analysis imitates a full assessment and allows us to determine the status quo so you know exactly where you stand and what is in store. Typically, however, minor and major deviations are revealed and form the basis for your Corrective Action Plan, which we develop and assist you in implementing. Together with you we determine the need for consulting.
  2. Implementation
    Definition of project scope and content with different phases, consulting and training, and the creation of a reliable Information Security Management System (ISMS).
  3. Advisory support
    We answer questions that arise and offer advice regarding the ISMS measures.
If your company has carried out coaching in preparation for a TISAX® Assessment at DEKRA, you may not have a TISAX® Assessment carried out at DEKRA.
TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association. DEKRA Consulting has no business relationship with ENX. The mention of the TISAX® trademark does not imply any statement by the trademark owner regarding the suitability of the services advertised here. TISAX® assessments for obtaining labels are only carried out by the test service providers named on the ENX homepage.