External Chief Information Security Officer

IT compliance and security with an external Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Information security is a high priority for all organizations today, but the resources for attaining it are not distributed equally. Small to mid-sized companies, especially, may not be in a position to support full-time IT staff, and when outsourcing may be unaware of the gaps in their service contracts. Even large organizations may not be allocating their IT funds efficiently.

An external CISO is an attractive alternative for companies of all sizes and sectors. Our information security experts have extensive experience in the field, are well-versed in questions of compliance and bring a fresh perspective to each organization.
From risk analysis and security evaluations to helping establish a robust ISMS, we provide cost-effective, on-demand solutions without the need for costly staff training.
The service is fully customized: an external CISO can be hired for any length of time to achieve specific company targets, bringing robust information security within reach.

Your Benefits

  • Legal compliance and a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • Expert coordination of all aspects of information security by a neutral party
  • Cost-effective access to experience, expertise and objectivity from a single source
  • Independent risk analyses and security evaluations free from internal influences
  • Quality IT services “on demand” without staff training or new personnel costs
  • Cutting edge solutions, scalable as required

Our Approach

The roles and responsibilities of an external CISO depend on the needs and priorities of our clients.
Our CISO personnel are prepared to take responsibility for a range of tasks, including:
  • Introducing or optimizing ISMS
  • Establishing processes and structures for maintaining information security
  • Introducing or managing information security guidelines and rules
  • Ensuring compliance with the relevant legal framework
  • Defining a security strategy and identifying security goals
  • Creating and managing an internal team to support security goals
  • Risk assessments and business impact analyses
  • Compiling and managing relevant documents
  • Workshops and training to sensitize employees to security issues


  • We are passionate about information and data security
  • We have world-class expertise in the field of information security
  • We specialize in providing customized information security advice