ESG Assessment for Repair Shops and Dealerships

Driving ESG Excellence to Support Sustainable, Responsible and Profitable Business

Repair Shops and Dealerships servicing automotive manufacturers, insurance providers and individual customers are increasingly encouraged to move toward sustainable business practices based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) mandates and guidelines. We conduct layered assessment to meet your ESG needs and obligations.

Introducing our ESG Assessment for Repair Shops and Dealerships

Pressures in the automotive and insurance sectors are driving repair shops and dealerships to adopt environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles to ensure resilient operations and responsible business practices according to recognized sustainability standards, stakeholder requirements and consumer expectations.
ESG assessment evaluates the effectiveness of your procedures and processes so you can better manage risk and deliver quality services. Offering comprehensive evaluation of your strategies and systems to ensure the ESG practices appropriate and effective for your repair shop and supply chain partners, we at DEKRA understand that each path to success is unique.

Assessment Fitting to Your Needs and Maturity Level

Our holistic approach provides four distinct scopes to meet your sustainability objectives and business needs. Levels of assessment include:
  • Participant: Designed for those at the beginning of the ESG journey, we provide easy-access evaluation highlighting key areas for improvement with a Quick Action Plan outlining opportunities for enhancement unique to your business.
  • Silver: For repair shops and dealerships having already taken first steps, our experts help you address a broader set of ESG aspects including decarbonization, the circular economy and governance issues so you can validate results and expand your efforts.
  • Gold:Providing strong support for leaders seriously committed to ESG principles, our extensive assessment enables repair shops and dealerships to refine processes, boost credibility, align with evolving ESG standards and develop a starting roadmap implementing measured milestones.
  • Platinum: For those aspiring to reach the pinnacle of ESG excellence, we conduct in-depth evaluation of every facet of your repair shop operations to provide a clear, detailed roadmap facilitating comprehensive transformation towards exemplary ESG practices.