ISO 26000 Maturity Assessment

Strengthening your company commitment to social responsibility

Due to increasing numbers of stakeholders choosing to exclusively support companies adhering to policies and practices designed to protect human life and the natural environments in which they operate, it is now more important than ever to adapt to the ISO 26000 standard guidelines for reliable corporate social responsibility strategies and systems. DEKRA provides comprehensive maturity assessment to help you gauge the effectiveness of your efforts so you can verify proven measures and strengthen areas of weakness. Make sure your business is attractive to investors and consumers alike with regular ISO 26000 maturity assessment!

Benefits of your ISO 26000 maturity assessment
  • Integrate social responsibility in your core business
  • Increase visibility with proven sustainability and environmental policies
  • Enhance the reputation of your company with fair operating practices
  • Attract new customers and top employees
  • Strengthen customer and employee loyalty
ISO 26000 maturity assessment at a glance
Adopting the principles set out in the ISO 26000 guidelines for social responsibility throughout your company can increase your level of maturity and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable development. Becoming a trusted member of the communities in which you operate while maintaining environmentally friendly practices holds particular value in the global business landscape dealing with increasing green regulation and societal expectation.
Preparing for assessment
We provide a pre-self-assessment format to help you identify gaps in your social responsibility efforts and determine whether your company is ready for complete ISO 26000 maturity assessment. DEKRA experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding self-assessment to ensure you are well prepared for your ISO 26000 maturity assessment.
Our approach
Based on a maximum overall score of 1000 points distributed over 5 levels of maturity, DEKRA ISO 26000 maturity assessment uses a web-based system to measure company performance and level of improvement relevant to your current social responsibility strategies, protocols and systems.
Designed to help all organizations aiming to better contribute to community health and well-being, our assessment is best applied as a continuous assessment method used to track progress and set organizational targets. Our team of experienced auditors work closely with you, assessing your policies, practices and initiatives to identify areas of strength and those in need of improvement. DEKRA provides regular support in continual maturity assessment from a single, neutral source so you can be sure your efforts are paying off.
Make sure you are operating in a responsible manner and aligned with the highest global standards to earn the respected image you need to succeed!
About ISO 26000
  • We provide streamlined assessment for fast, cost-efficient and accurate results.
  • Our international team of regulatory experts are available at locations worldwide.
  • Qualified and experienced auditors help you better assess effective strategies and systems.
  • We conduct ongoing ISO 26000 maturity assessments for continual tracking and improvement.