ESG Due Dilligence

Helping you better manage ESG risk and opportunity for long-term added value

Evaluating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors aligning investments with sustainable and ethical business, ESG Due Diligence now plays a crucial part in every mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal. DEKRA provides comprehensive services to reduce risk, identify opportunity and create long-term value.

Conducting due diligence before any mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deal has always been policy to determine the risk/benefit ratio of any such endeavor. In today’s business landscape of environment, social and governance (ESG) standards and expectations, prudent leaders are including ESG-focused due diligence as part of the preliminary assessment of any investment. With ESG criteria increasingly being used to accurately evaluate and remedy any associated risk or liability before closing, dealmakers on both sides are adding ESG auditing to their lists of requirements. DEKRA ESG Due Diligence assessment can help you better understand the true valuation of each investment or sale to ensure your ability to make the best deal every time.
Our approach to ESG Due Diligence Audit for Successful M&A
Built on a solid foundation incorporating a selection of the most critical ESG criteria drawn from multiple frameworks, our ESG Due Diligence Audit provides a comprehensive evaluation of ESG objectives, measures and results to calculate risk, uncover opportunity and derive sensible and effective solutions designed to drive long-term value. DEKRA auditors with extensive sustainability expertise take a holistic approach linking due diligence to overarching ESG guidelines to reconcile your operational objectives with outstanding business ethics and regulatory compliance.
Navigating intricate terrain in the M&A landscape
In efforts to enhance the resilience and sustainability of your overall M&A strategy, our ESG experts assess relevant factors enabling you to identify the pitfalls, opportunities and synergies crucial to well-informed, reasonable and smart decision making. We help you incorporate ESG considerations into your M&A journey so you can get started on the right path to a responsible, value-driven future.
Supporting your M&A success
At DEKRA, we understand the paramount influence ESG has in the business world in which you operate. Our ESG-focused assessment provides you the insight you need to confidently handle complex ESG due diligence in M&A scenarios. We are at your side providing you support appropriate to evolving ESG regulations and shrewd stakeholders demanding comprehensive preliminary ESG evaluation. We support you with reliable assessment so you can be sure not to neglect any ESG risk during your M&A transactions that could result in reputational damage or hefty financial losses. While regulators require more granular disclosure and investors scream for more transparency, employees and consumers want to see commitments met by proven actions. DEKRA experts stand ready to help you accurately assess any new business partner or addition to your corporate portfolio to ensure any expansion meet the level of excellence your stakeholders have come to expect.
DEKRA is available to you at any time, anywhere you do business. We provide you the expertise and insight you need to confidently succeed in every deal.
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