Carbon Footprint Verification

Efficient verification of your CO2 footprint and climate neutrality

Companies today understand the importance of documenting their CO2 footprint and neutralizing their environmental impact. As third-party experts, we verify your greenhouse gas balance sheet as well as your status as a climate-neutral company.

The term "climate-neutral" has been gaining in importance for some time now, and many consumers are placing increasing emphasis on issues such as environmental awareness and sustainability. In order to document their own corporate commitment and meet the increasing demands of their customers and partners, many companies are striving to become carbon neutral organizations and to optimize their corporate carbon footprint in a sustainable manner.
Our experts verify your greenhouse gas balance as well as your climate neutrality. You benefit from our objective approach, extensive experience and world-class expertise in this area. Our verification process allows you to demonstrate convincingly your commitment to environmental responsibility and to effectively distinguish yourself from competitors.

Your advantages

  • Expert confirmation of your environmental commitment that builds trust among customers and the public
  • Transparency around your carbon emissions crucial for investment decisions and subsidies
  • Documentation of climate neutrality that enhances your competitive edge
  • Potential cost reductions through monitoring of emissions sources

Our procedure

With our service for verifying your carbon footprint and climate neutrality, you can document your sustainable business activities for interested external parties, from customers and partners to investors and government authorities. Internally, the verification process can lead to cost reductions and better environmental performance in the long run.
Our experts verify your product carbon footprint, corporate carbon footprint and status as a climate-neutral company by:
  • Reviewing and confirming your greenhouse gas balance sheet, prepared by you or by an advisory partner
  • Reviewing and confirming valid CO2 certificates from recognized climate protection projects that compensate the calculated emissions
Our service is based on various international standards for calculating carbon footprints. We verify your CO2 footprint and climate neutrality according to:
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol (for products and organizations)
  • ISO 14064 (company-wide)
  • PAS 2060 (for products and services)


  • We are experts in the verification of carbon neutrality and carbon footprint calculations.
  • We have extensive experience in the field and specialized knowledge of applicable requirements and regulations.
  • We support you in the ongoing optimization of your environmental strategy and impact.